Forgiveness is the highest form of generosity towards another.

When you give a gift you choose the type, size, and value of your gift. There is excitement in the anticipation. There is pleasure in the unwrapping. There is joy when your gift moves the other person's heart.

Forgiveness is extended towards those may not even see that they wronged you. They may never know the extent of the value of your gift nor receive it with pleasure. Sometimes because they already left the earth. Sometimes because a relationship was broken beyond repair. Sometimes because they were not even aware that they wronged you in the first place. Forgiveness is one of those gifts given in secret that the Father will reward openly.

When we give we share freely of what we have: Time, money, resources. We select the recipient, the occasion, and the type of gift.

Forgiveness does not allow the choice of any of those parameters. In forgiving we cancel a debt owed to us by another. You have no control over the extent and type of damage that was done. You did not get to choose the timing or the day. But you have one choice: You can cancel the debt - or hold on to it.

Forgiving, i.e. extending undeserved generosity towards another, runs against the very blood pulsating in our veins. It is a shortcut into the quality of life that heaven has to offer. John describes it as "passing from death to life." It beautifies the most desolate places with unmerited grace. It is one of the sweetest and deepest places of fellowship with Jesus. It brings heaven to earth.

// Luke 11:4 // 1 John 3:14