Enable Babett To Serve Longterm In The USA

Goal: $8000 | Raised: $8000

Updated November 16,2022


Why do you need a Greencard?

I am currently serving on the second extension of the Religious Worker visa in the US. This visa category cannot be extended beyond this current period, expiring in December 2023. As of now, I have ample confirmation that the Lord is indeed calling me to continue serving in the United States for the forseeable future. The Greencard is the only available visa category that will allow me to extend my stay.

What is the breakdown of the cost?

The cost for the Greencard includes the fees for the lawyer, administration, USCIS filing, the visa itself and an immigrant fee. Applying for a Greencard without the help of a lawyer reduces the chance of a successful application to almost zero percent. 

How long is the application process?

The application process consists of two steps, each of them could take up between 6 months and a year. Starting the process now will enable me to continue my ministry without interruption as my current R1 visa is still valid for the remainder of the application.  During the first part of process I am unable to leave the United States until it is approved and a travel permit has been applied for and granted during the second stage of the process. 

Green = Go!

Matthew 28:18-20