DAY 8: From Compartmentalization to Wholeness (Pt. 1)


We have spent a lot of time reconstructing the emotional make-up of Martha because if we ignore her our life remains compartmentalized. We tend to identify with Mary when we feel successful in our devotional life, e.g. having a regular quiet time, reading the word and spending a lot of time in prayer. We think He only likes that devoted part of us when the reality is He wants all of us.

The invitation to be like Mary is for Martha. Jesus wanted Martha to know that pouring out her dishwater was as costly to Him as Mary pouring out her oil. It was the fall that separated work from worship and our daily labor from experiencing His nearness.

Cain was trying to please God with the fruits of his own effort. The older son never transgressed a commandment hoping for a reward from his father, and Martha was dishing up bowl after bowl to get His approval. Jesus wanted Martha to know that she already had His attention. There are Mary seasons and Mary callings but I believe Jesus invites all of us to a Mary lifestyle - something we will unpack further in the coming days.

Read Luke 10:38-42 and ask Him for fresh revelation on the passage!