DAY 3: Slowing Down


No doubt, situated on the south-eastern slopes just two miles outside of Jerusalem as the final stop of the pilgrims before arriving in the city Martha's house would have been swelling with guests many times before and sure enough Mary knew the drill: Preparing bowls of food, pouring water for dusty feet, serving wine to drink, preparing a resting place for the night...

Yet this time was different. This time it was not the pilgrims they welcomed but the sacred shrine Himself. Mary started her own pilgrimage that night. Over the course of the evening she found herself drawing closer and closer to the winsome Man in their living room.

Amidst the scurrying feet of Martha, amidst the hustle and bustle of the servants, amidst the rambunctious laughter of the disciples, against all cultural expectations of a woman of her time, against the accusing voices of her own sister and against all the musts, shoulds, and have tos in her own heart she took a seat.

Physical posture is important. Our body, soul and spirit form a unity we too often dismiss as incidental. Sometimes we need to slow our body so our heart can follow. In sitting we give permission to our soul to rest also. We are kept from doing a variety of other things. And that exactly is the point...

Extra Tip

Take time for a cup of tea today, 

snuggle in your favorite arm chair 

and listen to 'Thank you for it all' by Marvin Sapp 

(Click here to listen)