Day 22: One Thing Is Needed


I love thought provoking questions like: How would you live if this was your last day on earth? How would you spend today if you knew tomorrow was your last? While this question represents a heart-shattering reality for a few for most of us life continues on for a good while longer and because of that we cannot muster up the strength to get out of the rut the mundane places on us. We are drowning in a multitude of worries, concerns and expectations, we are distracted by life's good and legitimate pleasures but also demanding activities that are slowly overgrowing the garden of our heart and pulling us into a multitude of different directions.

Between the steaming kitchen pots and the disciples' rambunctious laughter Jesus asked Martha a heart-piercing question: "What if all that really mattered was one thing? How would you life your life if all that was asked of you was one thing?" And inwardly Martha might have said: "But that is exactly my problem: There are so many things that need my attention. There is simply too much to do. I do not have the luxury to only concern myself with one thing." And Jesus might have responded: "The truth is you cannot afford the luxury of living without it."

My mom has a coffee capsule machine that produces amazing coffee but only if you add all things in the right order. If you insert the pod and push down the handle BEFORE the machine is turned on nothing will happen. In the same way the one thing that is needed is the one thing that that needs to be in place before we care for all others. If this one thing has its rightful place in our life everything else will follow suit. If we seek His kingdom first all the other things will be added - not always in our way and our timing - but we will not suffer lack or be in want. We will experience peace in the middle of the storm. The one thing needed is tuning in daily to the voice of Christ through the written word.

For many years I have had the privilege of doing this as a full-time missionary but then our family was suddenly catapulted into a difficult situation by a grim diagnosis. I kept my dialogue with Jesus going while I peeled carrots and washed salad leafs, my tears mingling with the dish water. Being a person of one thing does not mean you have only one thing to do. It means in everything there is one primary focus on your mind. 


Jesus, I come to You today. You said one thing is needed and here I am in need of this one thing. Speak to me through Your word today! Give me Your wisdom, revelation and perspective. I am too poor in spirit to afford the luxury of living without Your words today! Help me to sustain this uninterrupted, holy conversation with You throughout the tasks of my day. Today I choose the good part. I set my heart on this one thing. I cast my cares upon You and come under the easy yoke of simply loving You.