Day 2: Welcome His Friends


Martha was busy and Martha was grumpy but she sure wasn't a loner. She lived with her brother and sister, presumably because her parents died early and she inherited the house as the oldest sibling. Without hesitation she opened her flawless home to twelve unkempt men with disagreeing opinions and smelly feet.

It was in the laughter, company and lifestyle of those who had been with Jesus and in her own sister's response to the Man at her door that she would receive a life-changing encounter with Christ. 

God rarely comes alone. Abraham entertained three men, Isaac's servant came with ten thirsty camels and Jesus ushered a dozen rowdy, imperfect men into Martha's perfect life. 

Love for Jesus does not happen in a vacuum. It is in the imperfect yet holy company of the Saints that our deepest pain surfaces, our bruises get healed and our wounds are tended to by the One who dwells in the midst of His people.

Jesus, let those who fear You turn to me,
those who know Your testimonies.
Psalm 119:79