Day 18: Listening To His Words


Martha came with a list of things she needed Jesus to do for her. She was distracted and distant. Prayer was her way of trying to control the circumstances so her anxious and troubled heart could cope with life.

I hope at this point into the blog series you hear these things without feeling condemned. There is a place for every kind of prayer. He does not love Martha less for her distractions or her propensity to control. But He also has more for her - so much more. He came so that Martha would have life and life abundantly.

As Mary came to him she did not come to command or ask for things, even though all this is biblical. She came to listen and to learn. She came because she was hungry. She came knowing she was in need. And so she sat down as a disciple would sit at the feet of His master. Her posture was one of receiving.

When we are under great stress and every assignment feels like a burden to carry we subconsciously approach our prayer life the same way. We expect it is just another place where we have TO DO something. Instead, prayer invites us TO BE.