Day 16: God With Us


Martha's home is a place in scripture that make me always feel welcome. I am sure this is how Jesus must have felt in the company of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. It was the last place He stayed at before His death (John 12:1). I love to take my seat in their living room. I picture Jesus' radiating face. I imagine what it must have been like to sit under His teaching in that intimate setting.

Did it feel like the the veil between heaven and earth was growing thin when He spoke? Could you see the Ancient of Days shining through the olive tone skin of the rugged hands of that Jewish carpenter? Scripture testifies that no one ever spoke like this Man. He was the most amazing teacher. But to Mary, Martha and Lazarus He was more than that. He was their friend. A real friend they could touch and hug and brush against with arm hair and eyebrows. A real Man, flesh and blood, just like them.

I love that little home because it has taught me that I am always welcome. I find there is room for me to be stressed and to be a worshipper. He loves me the same. When I am bitter He reminds me of the one thing necessary. When I am struggling with accusation He defends me. When I feel worried and troubled He untangles my thoughts and speaks the truth. When I am afraid of losing what I have He says: You get to keep me always. It's not about being Martha or Mary. We will always have both. We will always have parts in us that are more anxious than others, that bear the scars of our journey and need His affirmation and touch. Martha is invited to enjoy what Mary has chosen and tomorrow we will look at what exactly that is.