Day 14: The Power Of Choice


"Mary has chosen the good part..." Luke 10:41

Jesus would not be Jesus if he had left Martha with the grim diagnosis of her interior life and no way out. Instead He reminds her of the power of her choice.

Usually, when we hear Jesus say: But Mary has chosen the good part we inwardly shut down and succumb to feelings of defeat. We read that phrase as if Jesus wanted to shame Martha for speaking up. With our shoulders sagging we say: I cannot help it. I am just not like Mary. But that is not what Jesus is saying.

I believe Jesus is showing Martha a better way and that better way starts with choice. Jesus' answer to Martha is good news. If Mary has chosen the good part it means it is within reach for all of us, regardless of personality, upbringing, occupation and season of life. If she chose the good part it means she could have chosen differently. Choice means you have at least two options.

To be continued tomorrow...