DAY 11: He Cares


"Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?" Luke 10:40

A couple of days ago we looked at Martha's emotional outburst and saw that hidden behind layers of frustration, accusation, and control she was actually expressing a real need. We also concluded that from heaven's perspective Martha's confession of needing help (though misdirected) was a breakthrough. Yet even before she expressed that need she uttered another deep-rooted conviction that dominated her thinking: He does not care.

Her agitation might have originally been prompted by Mary but as dinnertime wore on and her forehand grew shiny from beads of sweat and kitchen steam it was not about Mary anymore. Martha was actually angry at God. He was in control. He could have done something about the situation. It was His fault that she was working all by herself. As she entertained these thoughts she finally came to the conclusion that the reason He was not doing anything about it was because He did not care about her.

Throughout history individuals have battled with the same accusation: Hagar wept bitter tears in the desert. Hannah's womb remained barren year after year. The nation of Israel complained: My way is hidden from the Lord. But Jesus' reply to Martha revealed that He cared infinitely more than she could have ever imagined. He was not concerned about His dinner or His dirty feet. He was concerned about her weariness, her worries and everything that weighed her down. His reply revealed that He indeed knew all about her - just as He did with the woman at the well. He cared enough to tenderly confront her because He desired that she would have life abundantly and partake of the beautiful feast He was preparing in her home.